• Prevention Workshop: The Cell offers activities promoting healthy living habits and drug addiction prevention for both young people and adults in school and community settings throughout Brome-Missisquoi.


A nurse regularly visits to offer her services to users. They can undergo testing for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), get vaccinated, access sterile injection equipment and condoms, gather health information and advice, and finally obtain referrals tailored to their needs.


Scanning, phone, and internet services are made available to Cell users. These services are free and aim to assist the user in their procedures.


In order to reach the people facing difficulties at the economical level (income security, family allowance, debt, etc.), social level (violence, isolation, etc.) or personal level (addiction, delinquency, child education, etc.), the outreach workers offer listening services and appropriate resources for specific accompaniment needs.

  • Welcome/listening: Caregivers are present to welcome, listen to and support people living with difficulties.
  • Reference: After learning about the issues, the community worker will suggest resources, programs or people better suited to the situation.
  • Accompaniment: To offer support in personal initiatives, The Cellule team can offer personalized accompaniment. Whether it is support for filling out forms, making telephone calls or support for judicial or medical appointments, as well as helping contact the services offered by other organizations. However, it is important to know that accompaniments are not taxis. They are offered to those who have a real need to be accompanied when meeting professionals.



  • The Cellule offers services of emergency food supplies. People needing this service can call or come directly to our office without appointment and we will donate food sufficient for a period of 24 to 48 hours. For long term help, we will refer said person to other organizations involved in providing food security.


  • The Cellule gives access to people needing a washer and dryer, at no cost.